Weekly Post Roundup – March 19th, 2017

Quote of the Week

“People with ADHD know what to do, but they can’t do what they know.”

– Dr. Russell Barkley

Do you know what to do, but are having trouble actually getting things done? Here are three links that you should read right now to start off your week on the right foot.

People With ADHD Have Different Brains – Huffington Post

This article by the Huffington Post is paraphrasing a study done by Danish researchers, showing that anyone with ADHD has a distinctly different brain makeup than someone without ADHD. If you’re like me, and you regularly struggle with the idea that your brain works differently than others around you, then this article will serve as a good reminder that ADHD isn’t just about you being lazy or unmotivated. You need to find a framework that works for your brain chemistry, and you should’t feel discouraged if you try and fail a few times, because most of the tips written for the masses are not meant for someone with ADHD.


Why The Bullet Journal Is Perfect For MY ADHD – Super ADD Mom

The Bullet Journal is a great way for ADHD adults to manage their daily tasks, and this post goes into a TON of detail about how it helps manage some of the ADHD-specific issues that we all deal with. If you’ve been interested in the Bullet Journal before, or you are looking for a new system to manage your daily life, then read this article now.


Getting Things Done When you have ADHDUntapped Brilliance

This quick hitting post from Jacquline Sinfield is all about getting things done through effective scheduling. Anyone who has successfully created a framework for managing their ADHD uses scheduling in some way, shape, or form. These five tips will help you make some targeted improvements in the way that you schedule tasks today, and will hopefully help you achieve greater success with scheduling in the future.


That’s all for now! Come back next week for some more great links to resources for managing your ADHD, and keep an eye out for more posts coming to Hyperfocused in the near future.

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